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OCT 29, 2013 - Yahoo! News

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7 Surprisingly Delicious Smoothie Recipes Starring Avocado

Have you tried an avocado in your smoothie? They lend an amazing amount of creaminess to any smoothie recipe, and are especially helpful when you're making a dairy-free smoothie. And, it turns out, that adding avocados to your smoothie actually boosts nutrition absorption. Not only are avocados brimming with fiber, folate, and vitamin K, the healthy fats in avocados make it easier for the body to absorb all the other good stuff in smoothies like vitamins A, C, and K to name a few. So next time a smoothie craving strikes, drop in an avocado for an even healthier sip! Here are 7 fantastic ... Read More

Tags: 7 Surprisingly Delicious Smoothie Recipes Starring Avocado,  Nutrition Latest News