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APR 02, 2013 - TechRadar

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Nvidia: Next-gen phones will outperform PS3, Xbox 360

Move over Sony and Microsoft - Tony Tamasi, the Senior Vice President of Content and Technology, has said that the next generation of mobile phone graphic processors will be more powerful than the current gen of games consoles."The PS3 and Xbox 360 are barely more powerful than mobile devices...The next [wave] of mobile phones will outperform [them]," he told bit-tech, likely referencing the Tegra 4's successor - the Tegra 5.With the PS4 and Xbox 720 on their way, the current generation is obviously feeling a bit old, so the comment isn't terribly scathing. However, it certainly ... Read More

Tags: Nvidia: Next-gen phones will outperform PS3, Xbox 360,  Playstation 4 Latest News