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MAY 04, 2016 - TechRadar

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Review: Updated: iPhone 6S

Introduction and designApple's tagline for the iPhone 6S is 'the only thing that's changed is everything', highlighting that the brand knows this is a phone that looks an awful lot like 2014's model.It makes sense that Apple would try its hardest to show that, despite the handset looking identical to the iPhone 6, there have been loads of changes under ...

Tags: Review: Updated: iPhone 6S,  Leap Motion Latest News

MAY 03, 2016 - TechRadar

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Review: Updated: Oculus Rift

Introduction, price and required specsOculus Rift has been given many titles in the two months since it released to the public. Some have called it "the future of entertainment", while others have likened it to the launch of the first iPhone. With all due respect to those that made the aforementioned claims, I'm not buying it, and I don't think ...

Tags: Review: Updated: Oculus Rift,  Leap Motion Latest News

MAY 02, 2016 - Huffington Post

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Hate Those New Credit Card Chips? You're Not Alone

To swipe, or not to swipe? - Hamlet, if he were alive today. Why does it always seem that, when talking about technology, in order to take one step forward, we must first take two big ones back? Ever since the credit card companies introduced these new "chips" that supposedly do a much better job of protecting us from fraud ...

Tags: Hate Those New Credit Card <em>Chips</em>? You're Not Alone,  Leap Motion Latest News

APR 25, 2016 - TechRadar

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Review: Zortrax M200

Introduction and designZortrax is quickly establishing itself as a 3D printer manufacturer to be reckoned with. The M200 printer started life as a Kickstarter campaign and rose to prominence when Dell ordered 5,000 units.Dell and many other backers of the campaign had obviously seen something in this startup that had piqued interest, and it only takes a short time with ...

Tags: Review: Zortrax M200,  Leap Motion Latest News