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FEB 06, 2014 - ReadWriteWeb

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Apple May Be Giving Fitness-App Makers The Bluetooth Blues

ReadWriteBody is an ongoing series where ReadWrite covers networked fitness and the quantified self. I might as well be dead. Flatlined. As far as my phone’s concerned, my heart rate is a big, fat 0. And it may be Apple’s fault. For a couple of months now, almost every morning, my Pear Sports app tells me in a stern yet crestfallen tone, "I can't read your heart rate. Tighten your strap and check your sensors.” For whatever reason, my heart rate isn't getting transmitted to my iPhone. And without that data, I can’t quantify my workout. Am I tearing up the pavement or just coasting ... Read More

Tags: Apple May Be Giving Fitness-App Makers The Bluetooth Blues,  Mobile Phones Latest News