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JAN 28, 2013 - Mashable

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Accidental Click Ignites Insane 3,000-Ship Battle in ‘EVE Online’

Gamers were agog this weekend when screenshots and videos of an enormous (and somewhat accidental) battle in EVE Online hit the web. All told, 3,161 players duked it out in the Asakai system; 222 ships were killed, resulting in a loss of 470 billion ISK (the in-game currency), according to EVE-Kill.net. Reports from Reddit and EVE bloggers indicate the fray was sparked when the pilot of a titan ship (the most expensive class in the game) prematurely jumped into enemy space, rather than warp allies to his location (a technique known as "bridging"). A lone titan in "low security" space is like ... Read More

Tags: Accidental Click Ignites Insane 3,000-Ship Battle in ‘EVE Online’,  Reddit Latest News