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MAY 09, 2016 - Yahoo! News

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Is There Life in Your Life?

I have a super important question for you. Are you enjoying your days? Do you slog through life, just barely holding it together to try to just make it through your week? Does everything feel like a drag? Do you use caffeine to get yourself pumped up and alcohol to chill you out? If this is you, you're not alone! ...

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MAY 07, 2016 - Shape

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Why Do My Boobs Hurt During My Period?

Lifestyle›Mind and BodyThere's a reason—and (hallelujah!) a way to make it stop Period pain: It's just something we as women have come to accept, whether it's cramping, lower-back issues, or breast discomfort. But it's the latter—that tenderness, aching and overall feeling of heaviness in our breasts that comes around like clockwork—that really needs an explanation. And, boy, did we get ...

Tags: Why Do My Boobs Hurt During My Period?,  Caffeine Latest News