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JAN 27, 2013 - Zero Hedge

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Guest Post: Monetary Malpractice - Dysfunctional Markets

Via Gordon T. Long of GordonTLong.com, One of the first axioms of analysis is: "Garbage In, Garbage Out"! If your data is flawed, everything you do with it and the decisions stemming from it are flawed and dangerous to your financial health. Experienced analysts will often be found relentlessly checking, rechecking and validating their inputs and assumptions. If only our economists and the sell side analyst community were this diligent. But then it isn't their money. Only a year-end bonus for the 'extras' in their life is at risk. If economic practitioners were held to higher standards of ... Read More

Tags: Guest Post: Monetary Malpractice - Dysfunctional Markets,  Interest Rates Latest News