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18 HOURS AGO - Zero Hedge

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"Peak Oil Demand" - The Collapse Of The Old Oil Order

Submitted by Michael Klare via TomDispatch.com, Sunday, April 17th was the designated moment.  The world’s leading oil producers were expected to bring fresh discipline to the chaotic petroleum market and spark a return to high prices. Meeting in Doha, the glittering capital of petroleum-rich Qatar, the oil ministers of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), along with such ...

Tags: "Peak Oil Demand" - The Collapse Of The Old Oil Order,  Greenhouse Gases Latest News

APR 28, 2016 - The Economist

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Exhaustive analysis

CARMAKERS have two methods for dealing with the gases that belch from exhaust pipes. One is to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide (NOx) and other nasties by spending heavily to develop cleaner engines. Another is to devise methods to game emissions-testing systems but keep polluting the atmosphere on the road. Volkswagen and Mitsubishi opted for the second method, ...

Tags: Exhaustive analysis,  Greenhouse Gases Latest News

APR 12, 2016 - Newsmax

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How Fracking Has Reduced Greenhouse Gases

The U.S. Department of Energy published data last week with some amazing revelations - so amazing that most Americans will find them hard to believe.

Tags: How Fracking Has Reduced Greenhouse Gases,  Greenhouse Gases Latest News

APR 08, 2016 - Huffington Post

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Our Ridiculously Massive Food Waste Is Driving Climate Change

Humans waste an exorbitant amount of food -- more than 1.4 billion tons annually. That's roughly 400 million tons more than the weight of Japan's Mount Fuji, which rises 2.3 miles above sea level. If combating global hunger wasn't reason enough to reverse the disturbing trend, new research suggests that reducing food waste could drastically help in the fight against climate ...

Tags: Our Ridiculously Massive Food Waste Is Driving Climate Change,  Greenhouse Gases Latest News