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MAY 18, 2013 - Zero Hedge

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"Boldly They Rode And Well", Or Why Japan Is Not America

Submitted by Daniel Cloud Boldly They Rode And Well I believe that Shinzo Abe has made a very serious strategic miscalculation. I used to be confused in much the same way he now seems to be, but I was cured of my confusion by thinking about Chinese inflation. For a long time, I was puzzled by the fact that America’s endless multi-stage QE program seemed to have no effect on measured inflation, on the CPI and the PPI. But then I realized that by only looking at the United States and their three hundred million-plus people, I was missing the big picture, missing the most important part of its ... Read More

Tags: "Boldly They Rode And Well", Or Why Japan Is Not America,  George Soros Latest News